After several requests of the students to continue with these classes of Aerial Dance Expression Course: SILK, HOOP & HAMMOCK
We are playing to offer this course as a regular for this upcoming semester.

This Summer in the studios of the IMHERE Vienna Aerial Dance it was no nothing short of inspiring, where all our students of all levels, they immerse themselves in a training intensive that balances the artists and the warrior.

Students participated in a comprehensive and high-energy of skill and technical development on Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Hammock.

This new semester we are planing to continues with this amanzing experience keeping the search slinging in the art of floor-to-air movement while learning the intricate details of choreography and performance in this aeria aparatus. We als work to culminate in a full-length, ensemble performance for the community to enjoy.
Would you like to join it?

Dates: 01/10/18 - 28/01/19
Time: 19:30 hrs. (90 min.)
Price: €675
Special Prices for IMHERE Semester Members €525

Aerial Dance
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