Because we love to listen to you and we want you to feel comfortable, we have added a parallel course format in our course options. These new format is designed exclusively for those who are new to the world of Aerial Silk.

We will work in a very simple way, strengthening our body gradually and building it up according to the physical needs for this type of activity. In this way, you will be more familiarised with the aerial world and ready, if desired, to start dancing within our levels of Aerial Silk Dance Expression.

For all those who want to start in the world of aerial dance, this courses will have a duration of 4 weeks per level and  are designed to establish the first contact with air work in fabrics, building confidence and recognising the physical strength within this activity.

This new format consists of 5 levels, in each one, you will learn in a consecutive and progressive way the first aerial silk steps. Each level course takes place once a week over a period of 4 weeks (4 units to 75 minutes). Each course will have a maximum of 10 participants. A level can be repeated until you have mastered the individual exercises, tricks and figures safely. We recommend not to go to the next level till you feel that your foundation is strong.

With this format you will be able to build up easily. No special physical condition is needed. Our normal course format of Aerial Dance Expression will continue to run normally.

Level 1
Monday or Wednesday 16:15 hrs. (75 min.)
from 02/07 till 25/07

Level 2
Tuesday or Thursday 16:15 hrs. (75 min.)
from 26/07 till 23/08 

Level 3
Friday 16:15 hrs. (75 min.)
from 24/08 till 21/09


Level Courses
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