This year Natalia celebrates her 10th anniversary of experience in the world of aerial and contemporary silk dance . After 6 years of training in the Escuela Internacional de Danza Aérea Del Creador in Argentina she started to share all of the knowledge she acquired throughout this time with kids from two years to adults without age limitation. This technique combines the experience in various fields of dancing that Natalia has learnt in various workshops of contemporary dance, aerial dance, urban contemporary, street jazz and more. The class consists of a conscious physical preparation on the ground as well as in the air. On the ground we unite elements of contemporary dance, contact improvisation, yoga, stretching and corrections of posture. All of this helps us to amplify and develop our capability to learn from a collaboration with a partner, observing, respecting and communicating with one another. We’ll also help each other to correct the posture and to explore our own bodies and its possibilities. We’ll establish an environment of trust and confidence to achieve self-discovery with exercises based on non verbal expression and dialogue. Our goal focuses on finding the sensitivity of artistic expression in our creativity. In our courses the most important values are the physical conscience on the ground and in the air, the connection to the music, the tempo, the silk and learning from a choreographic composition, the knowledge of the relations between the positions and sequences. From the beginning we’ll establish a relationship with the element silk as part of us.