Guest Artist


Date: 27/07 & 28/07 
Time: 17:00 – 19:00
Price: €80

This workshop is designed for every acrobat (including aerial rope, trapeze, hoop or silks)

This straps workshop focuses on develop strength and techniques for improve dynamic movements, such as spins and transitions on air, to improve resistance using less strength and more technique and fluidity that can be used on straps and in other aerial apparatus. You will get tips and specific training method you can use by yourself later on for your personal trainings.

All levels are welcome (except aerialist that have been training less than 6 month on any aerial discipline)




Sandra began her career as an aerial acrobat in 2010 in Madrid, Spain at Escuela de Circo Charivari and meanwhile attended multidisciplinary studies including circus arts, photography and visual arts.

After 7 years in Spain, she moved to Monterrey and founded CIRCOTECA,  a circus arts school formed in 2013 in Monterrey, Mexico. While artistic director of Circoteca, she immersed herself working with many amazing international artists and creative people to found and direct the international renowned Aire Festival 1st edition.

Sandra has performed and still performs actively on Silks and Straps at a variety of circus organisations and she also conducts workshops in those disciplines at several academic companies in Mexico.  

She has worked and performed in Spain, Argentina and México. Her aerial career has been formed thanks to amazing renewed international artists from all over the world.