Aerial Silk Dance Expression Choreography Composition

This method allows us to explore the space in the air and the space at the ground from a dancing perspective, with its multiple artistic and expressive possibilities. Fusing the two levels as they are: earth and air, low and high. Giving us as a final result, a group dance, a contemporary and aerial silk ballet. Preparing and opening as to the possibility of scenic performances and choreographic compositions. Regardless of having or not prior experience and where age is not an important factor.

In each training session, a work routine is created in which we will be developing: Floor work: Alignment and muscle tone, stretching, figures, dance steps, combos, choreographies, body expression and dancing improvisation, communication (gesture, contact). Aerial Dance Techniques: high flights, low flights. Sequences in the air: strength and suspension. Working with: Balance, inverts, contact–silk (land and air union), climbs, silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, sequences, aerial choreographies (ballet on the air), drops, dismount (body control and safety) and transitions.

Aerial Dance Hammock

Enjoy a two-hour Aerial Hammock Workshop, where you'll find you dancing. The class will start with an aerial strength and conditioning warm-up, before moving on to teach you a full repertoire of aerial dance. 

Learning dynamic combinations and sequences on hammock. Sparking your aerial dance creativity. We will spend time on a variety of choreography combinations, which will include various flips, shapes, momentum maneuvers, roll-up variations and some open-hammock moves. Students do not need to have hammock experience, but do need to have experience on at least one aerial apparatus. Students should be solid inverters and able to do a pull-over with the hammock at face height.

Aerial Silk Intensive Workshops (Beginners, Intermediate & Advance)

Specialized wraps and new airborne movements while continuing to develop more strength and control in the air. This class will introduce new complex movements and sequences with focus on achieving airborne precision, fluidity of transitions and maximum range of motion in the air.


Duration: 5 Days (25 hrs)

The Teacher Training Program has a diverse and challenging curriculum designed to illuminate each dancer’s inherent gifts, while refining a strong technical foundation.

Teacher Training Program dancers engage in a full-time schedule, attending classes Monday through Friday, averaging 6 hours each week and the 4 hours of teacher training courses every Saturday. Students work closely with a world-class faculty in the following courses.

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