Would you like to become an Aerial Dance Expression Trainer?
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Our Teacher training Program

Introductory & Beginners Level

The Teacher Training Program has a diverse and challenging curriculum designed to illuminate each dancer’s inherent gifts, while refining a strong technical foundation.

Teacher Training Program dancers engage in a full-time schedule, attending classes Monday through Friday, averaging 6 hours each week and the 4 hours of teacher training courses every Saturday. Students work closely with a world-class faculty in the following courses.

Core curriculum consists of:

  • Aerial Silk Technique
  • Composition Floor and Air
  • Based of the Improvisation: Floor and Air
  • Aerial Ballet Lines Repertoire

Complimented by an Enriched Curriculum of:

  • Aerial Silk Dance Expression Technique
  • Introduction to the Contemporary Partnering: Floor
  • Aerial Dance Partnering: Air
  • Yoga
  • Conditioning and Flexibility Work
  • Experiential Anatomy for Dancers
  • Creating a Life of Aerial Dance Workshops
  • Critical Perspectives in Aerial Dance: The Word
  • Nutrition

Audition Dates:  Week from 1-18th May 2018.
It is highly encouraged to register online, in advance. Please read through the audition process below.

Candidates must be 17 years of age at the time of the audition in order to be considered for the Training Program..

  1. Letter of Intent (One page maximum): describing your aspirations and intentions as an artist and why you believe the Training Program can help you achieve these goals.
  2. Aerial Silk and/or Dance Experience (One year minim).
  3. Link to Aerial Silk Dance Solo Video: All applicants must submit a current Vimeo video link, 10 minutes in length, of aerial dance contemporary or improvisational movement floor and air. No mailed hard-copies will be accepted.
  4. Audition Fee (credit card only, no refunds).

Video Audition
Please send us a password-protected Vimeo link using our contact form at the bottom of this page. Please note that video should not be already publicly available online and that we don't offer screening fees for content.

After the Audition
Results of the audition are sent via e-mail on a rolling basis. Candidates should expect to receive notification of their acceptance status within 1 - 2 weeks of their audition date.

Dress Code
You must wear form-fitting dance or athletic wear and style if possible with neutral colours (black, gold or silver), preferably a plain outfit without logos and graphic tees. Students typically wear a leotard with tights and/or shorts. Your hair neatly away from your face and neck.

Teacher training Dates: 16.07.18 until 20.07.18

Time: 10:00 -15:00 hrs


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