Who We Are

IMHERE Association

Artistic proposal and space, dedicated to the basic artistic – scenic formation of our participants. We are specialized in the world of Aerial Silk Dance and Visual Arts in general. Our main task is to spread and boost Art but at the same time promote and provide an integral way of learning it. We mainly provide our participants with the necessary tools to serve as a vehicle for their artistic initiation, on a personal and professional level. The sharing of our knowledge with all audiences in an objective, a clear and sincere way is very important to us. Through our work we make available the experience and knowledge gained over many years of training, dedication and working experience to the participants. We are committed to be immersed in a continuous process of training and research, in order to always offer high quality to our participants in the activities and workshops that we offer. All this, with the only purpose to bring out and expand the artistic potential of each person. We are a great creative and experienced team of artists. Our distinctive feature is the creative freedom we work with. Our philosophy is unique, specially formulated to transform the artistic potential of a person in a visible reality.

Throughout our journey, we have noticed the lack of comprehensive and expressive training in the  Aerial Silk Dance and  Visual Arts areas. We consider ourselves pioneers at incorporating and merging  Aerial Silk Dance with Art (contemporary dance). Our commitment and mission is to provide whom approaches our space, with the necessary artistic tools to discover a passion, and through this a new way of life. We kindly invite you to approach the activities of our artistic space. Here you will find all the necessary information you need about our activities. If you have any question, please contact us. We are here for you. We hope you join us and together we can enjoy this journey of creation and mutual growth.

FOUNDERS Natalia Catanea & Victor Riv

is originally from Argentina and is currently living in Vienna, Austria. She has twelve years of experience in the fields of aerial arts, physical theater, aerial acrobatics, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, and body language. When she dances, she works with the idea of interpreting the music and getting into the skin of a character. Her avid interest in art, especially by the conscious and exploring capabilities of the body, led her to practice of all these activities. Natalia completed her certification in aerial dance and contemporary silk dance within five years in Argentina. Her deep love for sharing aerial silk dance started six years ago and it comes from a natural need to bring the principles of this dance to a place of interaction with others. The classes reflect her years of experience in the world of contemporary dance, as well as aerial dance. Her artistic sense, passion for art, and love for teaching has led her to create classes. This is what makes a difference in the world of dance. She is skilled in working in staging, choreographic composition, and artistic expression. Natalia teaches in Paris and ‎Vienna.


Victor art director, painter, musician, professor of physical education and preschool teacher from Santiago de Chile. He is dedicated to working with children with over ten years of experience in sharing and teaching drawing, illustration, music, sports and street art with them. His interest in art has led him to venture into film, editing and photography. He is attentive to the latest artistic expressions. Creating and defining fun with modern and minimalist artistic conceptions.