Dates: Mar 02 – 09 – 16 & 23 / Apr 06 & 13
Price: €210

Our beginner aerial hoop class is all about learning a creative and unique way to use the hoop suspended in the air. Students will work on double point hoop and learn fun new aerial poses and transitions and will also explore sequencing as they learn what it feels like to flow and dance in the air.

Technique Intensive

Dates: coming soon!
Price: €100

In this meticulously detailed class, students will learn the theory and application of aerial skills and expression concepts on fabrics. Exploring instinctive movement and clear intention in contemporary dance floor to the air work choreography


Dates: coming soon!
Price: €70

In Contact Improvisation, dancing is easiest for us when we move with a flowing, flexible and open body. In order to organize efficiently in contact, we need a stable center, the ability to give weight, to listen to movement impulses and to be present in the exciting moment. In this spontaneous, reflective and three-dimensional dance we can experience the freedom and complexity of this beautiful art form through simple principles. We are working on our “Open Bodies Moving Style” with the basic ideas of Contact Improvisation, which apply to all dancers at every level.

Hands, Arms, Legs and Feet

Dates: coming soon!
Price: €80

In this workshop we will look at the movement principles that I introduce in my beginner courses on a other level: complex coordination of the hands, arms, legs and torso, rhythm changes, weight shifts, quick transitions, improtime. Above all, we are dedicated to the connection to the earth, which enables us to do so and enables us to come closer to the goal of raising movement to a high level of performance.


Dates: coming soon!
Price: €45

This workshop is obligatory for all of those that want to come to the open training in our studio and highly recommended for all our community members and specially designed for those that come to our open practices or that practice alone somewhere without qualified supervision.

The workshop includes the following safety topics:

– How to free myself in different critical situations – How to avoid an accident – How to be always in the safe side – What to avoid being on the silk – How do I support and help somebody in a critical situation.

The workshop includes the following injury prevention topics:

– How do I avoid an injury – Learning to listen to my body – What to do in the moment you feel you injured yourself – What to do the days after – How to continue after an injury – Most common injuries.